December Art Class Thursdays 12:00PM (IDD-IEP-504)

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December Art Class Thursdays 12:00PM (IDD-IEP-504)

Thursdays in December from 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. This class is SPECIFICALLY FOR ARTISTS of all ages with intellectual/developmental disabilities/IEP/504. Artists will meet weekly on Thursdays in December from 12:00PM to create their very own masterpiece on canvas along with other fun projects and activities. All skill levels welcome! Cost: $60 per month *In the age of COVID, we are committed to taking additional precautions to make The Magic Canvas safe and enjoyable for everyone. We have team members who are immuno-compromised. Wearing a facemask protects you and others and we will have hand sanitizer and thermometer available. We’re also offering a color-coded system where guests can choose to wear a green, yellow or red band signifying their level of comfort/closeness in a crowd...Green= “OK with hugs and high-fives,” Yellow=“OK with talking but not touching ,” Red=“Hi! I’m keeping my distance."




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